3 Saints players with the most to prove in 2023

Who faces the most pressure on this 2023 New Orleans Saints roster heading toward the regular season?
Saints, Carl Granderson
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Derek Carr, QB

What a way to go out after being the Raiders' franchise quarterback for nine seasons. Derek Carr was almost literally kicked to the curb by Las Vegas last year, hearing the week of that he would be inactive not just for Week 17, but the following week as well so that the Raiders could get a better idea of what their future might look like.

That's a pretty sad way to end such a long tenure between an organization and a respected player like Carr. You can say what you want about the guy, but his passion for the game and for his teammates should never be questioned, and those are two of the main things he'll bring to New Orleans.

Carr only just turned 32 years old, and with the age that some of these longtime quarterbacks are playing to these days, he could have several years in New Orleans, still. He very well could be around for 4-6 years and help the Saints make a real run.

The Saints have a 4-time 4,000-yard passer and one-time MVP candidate in Carr. He's not just some guy they picked up as a stopgap. Carr is a pro's pro, and if he performs up to snuff, then the Saints have a legitimate shot at winning the division and making some surprising noise in the postseason.