Saints LB Pete Werner continues to look like a genius

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints
Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

New Orleans Saints fans laughed when second-year linebacker Pete Werner confidently predicted that the team would go 4-0 following their Week 14 BYE but he's one game away from looking like a genius.

When Werner made this crazy prediction, the Saints were 4-9 and had just come off an embarrassing loss to the Buccaneers a week prior. It didn't seem likely that this team would be able to take care of business against one team, let alone four in four straight weeks.

Well, first, the Saints held off the Falcons in Week 15. Last week, they won a game against the Browns in freezing temperatures in Cleveland. This week they faced the toughest task yet, which was facing the Eagles, who had only lost one game when Werner initially made this prediction.

Well, guess what? New Orleans beat the Eagles 20-10 and moved to seven wins on the year. Furthermore, they're one win shy of making Werner's prediction come true.

Pete Werner made a bold prediction and he's close to being correct

I'll admit that I rolled my eyes when Werner said the team would finish the season 4-0 because the last time we had seen them in action prior to that, they let a 16-3 win out of their grasp. No one had any faith in this team to win another game, let alone four. They've won three though and beating the Panthers in Week 18 could absolutely happen.

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Werner clearly isn't just a good football player. He's also smart and believes in his team. The Saints are lucky to have this guy in the black and gold.