Saints News: Dennis Allen still doesn't get it

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers
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Saints news revolves around that mind-blowing loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where the New Orleans Saints held a 16-3 advantage with five and a half minutes to go but somehow blew it. At this point, Saints fans aren't all that surprised by the team's poor performance late down the stretch and they're ready for Dennis Allen to be out of the Big Easy.

Allen clearly hasn't learned anything from his failed stint as the Raiders head coach from 2012 to 2014. He won just eight games in two and not even a half seasons but fans hoped that he'd learned from Sean Payton and that was why him getting this job was looked at as the right move by many.

Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out. The Saints should cut their losses and move on but they won't. Allen will likely be the head coach in 2023.

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Dennis Allen's postgame statement proves he still doesn't get it (John Sigler, Saints Wire)

Sigler discusses how it's time for the Saints to part ways with Allen and most fans would probably agree.

"“When you play Tom Brady and have a chance to put him way, you gotta put him away,” Allen said after choosing to punt three times inside Tampa Bay territory while kicking field goals from distances of 21, 29, and 38 yards. His words and actions don’t line up here."

John Sigler

In the quote above, Sigler mentions how during the postgame presser, Allen said the team facing Tom Brady has to put him away yet he didn't do that. He continued to play it safe and have his offense kick field goals rather than go for it on fourth down. That's not putting Brady away, that's taking the easy way out.

NFL World Wants Head Coach Fired On Tuesday (Chris Rosvoglou, MSN)

This article from Rosvoglou is a collection of tweets from Saints fans who have seen enough of Allen and want him nowhere near the franchise. One fan even said that the team should have fired him before the Saints left Tampa.

Early head coach candidates for the Saints to consider in 2023 (Leigh Oleszczak, Who Dat Dish)

I'm including a post from yours truly about potential head coaching replacements for Allen if the Saints decide to do the smart thing and relieve him of his duties. I wrote this back in early November because the team was playing terrible football and guess what? It's almost a month later and the Saints are still playing terrible football.

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Dennis Allen is not the answer for the New Orleans Saints and hopefully, the front office comes to this conclusion as well and fires him.