Saints news: Cameron Jordan fine reversed, Sean Payton trade value

Saints, Cameron Jordan
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The New Orleans Saints and defensive end Cameron Jordan officially had their fines overturned on Friday as the NFL ruled in favor of their appeal after Jordan was accused of faking an injury in a December game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jordan's $50,000 fine has been overturned along with head coach Dennis Allen's $100,000 fine, defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen's $50,000 fine, and the Saints' franchise's $350,000 fine.

Jordan was accused of faking an injury during a crucial no-huddle play in the fourth quarter of the Saints' 17-16 loss to the Buccaneers in Week 13. However, the NFL has now ruled that Jordan's foot injury was legitimate despite earlier claims.

Justice has been served.

Here's what's trending in Saints news

Sean Payton trade value

Saints general manager Mickey Loomis is reportedly seeking a Jon Gruden-like return in exchange for Sean Payton this offseason, if the longtime Saints head coach is, in fact, hired by another team.'s Jeff Duncan reiterated on Wednesday that two first-round picks are the starting point for any potential discussions regarding a Payton trade. He also noted that if that includes future first-round picks, extra mid-round picks in 2023 could be added to the deal.

The Saints aren't looking to part ways with Payton for cheap. Loomis is going to ask for a king's ransom because he holds all the leverage in this situation. The Saints could be set to stock up on some much-needed draft capital in the near future.

Saints could play a game in Germany

The Saints made the trip out to England to take on the Minnesota Vikings "at home" in 2022, and they could be headed back overseas in 2023.

The NFL revealed the five teams that would be hosting international games in 2023, and one such team was the New England Patriots. The Patriots are set to play the Saints at home next season, which means there's a chance that meeting between the two teams occurs in Europe.

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The Patriots will play their international game either in Munich or Berlin, so if you're a Saints fan from Germany — or really anywhere in Europe — this is a situation that bears monitoring.