Saints named one of the few teams that absolutely need to have a strong draft

With the 2024 NFL Draft almost here, some teams will need to capitalize on their picks more than others. The New Orleans Saints are one of those teams.
New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr
New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

The NFL Draft is a big part of the offseason every year and this year is no different. With the 2024 Draft starting Thursday, teams will make picks that can either propel their franchise forward for the next two decades or set their organization back. However, the stakes aren’t the same for all 32 teams.

There are teams with people whose jobs are riding on the success of the players they will pick. Entering make-or-break seasons, the 2024 draft class could be the last straw or a saving grace for certain clubs. On the other end of the spectrum are teams who will draft with no pressure. Those franchises simply treat the draft like a luxury, because they’re good either way.

The New Orleans Saints align more with the first group: the teams that need to hit on their draft picks. After a 9-8 season, leading to a third straight year out of the playoffs, the pressure will be on for the Saints in 2024. However, New Orleans hasn’t made many big moves this offseason. Because of the team’s challenging cap situation, free agency basically consisted of signing Chase Young and multiple depth additions.

That’s why Gary Davenport, in a recent piece for Bleacher Report, named New Orleans as one of the eight teams that really need a strong draft after a quiet free agency.

Saints must make up for quiet free agency in NFL Draft

Davenport highlighted that New Orleans only spent $32.2 million in free agency, leaving several holes open on the roster. The Saints understand the challenge they’re facing. With so many high-paid veterans, New Orleans knows that finding young talent is the way for the team to remain competitive while moving forward.

The team will try to accomplish that with the nine draft picks it has in the 2024 Draft. The Saints have picks at 14 and 45, then they won’t be set to pick again until the fifth round. That means New Orleans needs to really capitalize on its early picks, and also be prepared to find some late-round gems.