Saints will have formal meeting with LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels at Combine

The New Orleans Saints have a formal Combine meeting scheduled with LSU’s Jayden Daniels, one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2024 Draft class.
Texas A&M v LSU
Texas A&M v LSU / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints’ first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft is currently set for No. 14. Of course, that could always change with a trade, but for now, the Saints are expected to make the 14th selection. At that spot, everyone believes New Orleans is too low to select one of the top quarterbacks in the draft class. However, that isn’t stopping the franchise from getting to know the prospects.

It was reported that the Saints will have a formal meeting with quarterback Jayden Daniels at the 2024 scouting combine. Coming out of LSU, Daniels is pretty familiar with Louisiana. Now, the Saints are getting familiar with him. What everyone wants to know, though, is if drafting Jayden Daniels is a realistic possibility for New Orleans.

Could Jayden Daniels be in play for the Saints?

The simple answer is: anything is possible on draft day. No one ever knows what’s going to happen. Every year, some prospects surprisingly slide, others come off the board quicker than anyone expected, and teams make trades that no one saw coming. That’s why it’s important for teams to do their due diligence on players. Jayden Daniels could slide, or the Saints could be so enamored with him that they trade up to select him.

Whatever actually happens on draft day, Jayden Daniels is a great prospect for the Saints to get familiar with. He was last season’s Heisman winner, after dominating with his arm and legs. In his fifth college season, Daniels completed 72.2% of his passes for 3,812 yards, 40 touchdowns, and just four interceptions. He also rushed for 1,134 yards and an additional 10 touchdowns.

Drawing comparisons to Lamar Jackson, Daniels has a chance to be special at the next level. It’s just a matter of which team he’ll explore that potential with.

The Saints currently have Derek Carr as their starting quarterback but it’s understood that he isn’t the long-term answer at quarterback for New Orleans. If Jayden Daniels is impressive throughout the draft process, and the Saints have a chance to select him, don’t be surprised if they do.