Saints drafting Kool-Aid McKinstry doesn't mean Marshon Lattimore is on the way out

The Saints moved up 4 picks in the second round to select Alabama cornerback, Kool-Aid McKinstry.
Alabama v Auburn
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With the 41st overall pick, the Saints selected Kool-Aid McKinstry, the cornerback out of Alabama. Besides just having an amazing name, McKinstry provides depth, with the ability to start, at the cornerback position. When some fans hear that the Saints selected a cornerback, they will instantly think that Marshon Lattimore is on the way out. Picking McKinstry doesn’t mean that Lattimore is on the way out whatsoever.

Selecting Kool-Aid helps prepare the Saints for future years. Picking him doesn’t, by any means, equate to the Saints giving up and trading Lattimore this offseason. Paulson Adebo is on a contract year and the future of Lattimore is uncertain. This pick gives the Saints a safety net, someone who can step in and fill in that role if needed. Marshon Lattimore has been unable to stay healthy in the past couple of years. His missing time last year let Isaac Yiadom get significant playing time. Now, Yiadom is gone. McKinstry will be able to thrive in that role if Lattimore is unable to stay healthy.

Kool-Aid was selected to be on the AP All-American first team this past year. McKinstry was targeted a mere 39 times in his  848 snaps. He is extremely physical and thrives in man coverage, especially in press situations. This will make him a perfect match for the Saints defense. Dennis Allen is going to have a great time implementing McKinstry in this Saints defense. He is a young prospect as well, just 21 years old. McKinstry can struggle with tracking the deep ball at times; he gets panicked which can lead to penalties. That is something that should improve as gets more comfortable and becomes more patient.

Kool-Aid McKinstry is an amazing pick for the Saints. Just because they selected him doesn’t mean that Marshon Lattimore is on his way out this offseason.