Saints say the key to improving offensively is finding an identity this offseason

The New Orleans Saints want to be better on the offensive side of the ball and they believe that starts with establishing a clear offensive identity.

New Orleans Saints v Indianapolis Colts
New Orleans Saints v Indianapolis Colts / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The 2023 season was Derek Carr’s first year with the New Orleans Saints. Offensively, the Saints were an inconsistent group with solid production. They finished 14th in the NFL in yards per game with 337.2 and ninth in points per game with 23.6. This all led to a 9-8 record and another year missing the playoffs.

It was clear things weren’t good enough offensively. That’s why New Orleans decided to move on from longtime offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr., and hired Klint Kubiak to take over. Now, with a reworked offensive staff, the Saints believe they have a scheme that will make way for more offensive success next season.

Along with a new staff and scheme, there’s one other thing New Orleans is working on implementing: an offensive identity. A common critique of the Saints last season was that they didn’t really know what they wanted to be on offense until late in the year. Head coach Dennis Allen seemingly agreed with that criticism and admitted that he, Kubiak, and the rest of the staff will establish a clear identity this offseason.

Saints will have a clear offensive identity in 2024

Speaking with James Palmer and Steve Wyche on The NFL Report, Allen explained that the draft philosophy, as well as free agency approach, will change based on the identity they hope to establish. He compared the offensive plan for the offseason to New Orleans’ approach defensively back in 2017. Allen said that in 2015 and 2016, the team wasn’t really sure what they wanted to be defensively. Once they clearly identified what they wanted to be, the Saints were able to go after specific players to fit the mold, and the team benefited from it, improving on defense.

Allen sees a similar approach happening on the offensive side of the ball this offseason. He explained that he, Kubiak, and the offensive staff have been meeting with the front office and the scouting department, making it clear the type of players they want at each position. This will lead to the Saints bringing in specific player types in the draft and free agency. If everything goes according to plan, it should result in New Orleans having a more consistently dominant offense in 2024.