Saints’ chances of landing Chase Young just got stronger

The New Orleans Saints are trying to land edge defender Chase Young, and the chances of that happening just improved after a recent development.

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The New Orleans Saints didn’t come out the gate blazing into free agency like other teams around the league; it has been relatively quiet for the Saints. So far, New Orleans has only signed linebacker Willie Gay. The rest of the team’s moves have been working with existing contracts so that the franchise can have money to actually make moves.

However, New Orleans’ name has been attached to top free agent, Chase Young, and fans are clinging on to the possibility of the Saints landing the talented edge defender. It was reported that Young has scheduled meetings with the Saints, Carolina Panthers, and the Tennessee Titans. However, as we know in free agency, no visits are guaranteed.

Oftentimes, free agent players have visits lined up with multiple teams, but, teams are usually left hanging after a player ends up signing with the first or second team they visit. Typically, if a player leaves a visit unsigned, his chances of signing with that team are pretty slim.

That's why Saints fans rejoiced on Wednesday evening when it was announced that Chase Young had concluded his visit with the Carolina Panthers. Young left his visit as a free agent, and that bodes well for New Orleans.

Chase Young visited with Panthers and didn’t sign

It’s possible that Young could want to look at all his options before making a decision, but the belief is that a team should never let a free agent leave the building unsigned. The chances of the player returning decreases significantly. That’s why New Orleans must close the deal whenever Chase Young gets to town.

Young, who’s not even 25 yet, has already been through a ton in just four NFL seasons. He’s been a Pro Bowler, had a devastating knee injury, been traded, and played in a Super Bowl. Now, he’s a free agent, searching for a team where he can dominate. That team can definitely be the Saints, as they desperately need help on the defensive line.