Saints can clear a ton of cap space with two simple moves this offseason

New Orleans is in a cap bind, but it's not hopeless.

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Move Marshon Lattimore

Lattimore got almost the exact same extension that Ramczyk got, signing a five-year, $97 million extension right at the start of the 2021 season. Since then, he's struggled to stay on the field: in 2022, he only appeared in seven games and in 2023, he only appeared in 10. Injuries have been an issue throughout his entire career, as the talented corner has yet to ever play a full 17-game season.

On top of all that, the results have been mixed. After an electric rookie season in 2017, Lattimore's failed to produce at the same level in most seasons (his 16-game 2021 season being the exception.) He's still young – he'll be 28 next season – but it's fair to wonder if it's smart for the Saints to pay big money for a corner who consistently misses big chunks of the season. His cap hits are about to get huge, too: in 2025, it'll be over $31 million (12.5% of the cap). There's really no way the Saints can avoid swallowing a bunch of dead money, unless they wanted to approach him about a restructure. But, of all the options available, a post-June 1 trade would save them the most money, both in 2024 and beyond.

Otherwise, Cam Jordan, Alvin Kamara, and Taysom Hill are the only guys where a move would save the Saints a big chunk of cash. Hill especially is worth keeping an eye on – he's 33 years old, and a post-June 1 cut would save the Saints a bunch of money over the next couple years.