AI compared these 3 Saints to NBA players

What does Artificial Intelligence have to say about these key New Orleans Saints stars?
Saints, Tyrann Mathieu
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Derek Carr is Chris Paul

One of the key reasons why Saints fans are going to appreciate their new quarterback, Derek Carr, is purely due to his ability to lead a group of men. Carr is the ultimate teammate and, at times, is loyal to a fault. If he's in your locker room, you're his brother and he's going to make that known. For that main reason, AI compared him to future Hall of Fame point guard Chris Paul, who is also known to be an excellent leader.

"Like Carr, Chris Paul is known for his leadership skills, intelligence on the court, and ability to control the game. Paul is an exceptional playmaker and floor general, consistently demonstrating strong passing ability and court vision. He has the ability to make his teammates better and is highly regarded for his basketball IQ."

"Similarly, Carr is known for his decision-making, accuracy, and ability to orchestrate his team's offense. While the two play different sports and have different physical attributes, there are some parallels in terms of their style of play and impact on their respective teams."

The other parallel is obviously that both of these guys direct their team's offense. They will touch the ball every single possession or snap. It is on them to make sure each play begins and is executed according to plan.

One major difference? Paul has an MVP (All Star Game, but an MVP nonetheless) and Carr does not. Could he be a dark horse MVP candidate for 2023?