Saints 7-Round Mock Draft: New Orleans addresses it’s post-free agency needs

Now that the New Orleans Saints have addressed some needs in free agency, the team will be able to take a different approach in the 2024 NFL Draft.
Michigan State v Iowa
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Round 5 Pick 175: Tyrone Tracy- Halfback, Purdue

With their second pick in the fifth round, the Saints select Tyrone Tracy. Tracy is an extremely versatile player who could be a chess piece for Klint Kubiak this year. He played running back at Purdue for the past two seasons. Before that, Tracy was a wide receiver at Iowa. 

Kubiak could line up Tracy in the backfield or as a receiver. He would be effective in either situation and could produce for the Saints in year one. Last year at Purdue, Tracy tallied 714 yards and 8 touchdowns. In addition to that, Tracy averaged 4.4 yards after contact. He is a very powerful runner and could use that to his advantage in the NFL.

Round 7 Pick 239: Jason Bean- Quarterback, Kansas

Picking Jason Bean with the Saints last pick would be a very unorthodox but extremely fun selection. The Saints could keep Bean as a backup quarterback, which is a very possible option and could work, but I see him transitioning to a wide receiver.

While watching Jason Bean, it is evident that he contains outstanding speed. In most games during Bean’s collegiate career, he was the fastest player on the field. This is seen especially in Kansas’s game against Cincinnati. Whether it’s at quarterback or wide receiver, Jason Bean has the potential to be an impactful player and one who would be extremely fun to watch.