Saints 7-Round Mock Draft: New Orleans addresses it’s post-free agency needs

Now that the New Orleans Saints have addressed some needs in free agency, the team will be able to take a different approach in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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Round 3 Pick 98: Dominick Puni- Tackle, Kansas

In the third round, the Saints pick the versatile offensive lineman out of Kansas, Dominick Puni. Both the tackle and the guard position are needs this offseason. Puni has experience at both of them and could play at whichever one the Saints choose.

Puni played left guard exclusively in 2022. Then in 2023, he made the switch and had an amazing season at left tackle. The Saints need to address those positions and Puni would help with that. He contains great size, standing at 6-foot-5 and 313 pounds. Puni has solid athleticism that would help him keep up with the opposing defender. He can struggle with hand placement from time to time which leads to unnecessary penalties. That should improve with increased coaching and snaps at the next level.

Round 5 Pick 168: Keith Randolph Jr.- Defensive Tackle, Illinois

In the fifth round, the Saints help bolster a position of need with Keith Randolph Jr. Defensive tackle needs to be addressed this offseason. The Saints struggled with stopping the run game last year, they haven’t done anything to help with it. Randolph could come in and help with the run game. He wouldn’t have much prowess in the passing game but could come in on running downs to help stop it.