Saints 7-Round Mock Draft: New Orleans addresses it’s post-free agency needs

Now that the New Orleans Saints have addressed some needs in free agency, the team will be able to take a different approach in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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Round 2 Pick 45: Bo Nix- Quarterback, Oregon

With the 45th overall pick, I have the Saints selecting Bo Nix, the quarterback out of Oregon. Derek Carr is undoubtedly the starter going into next year, so Nix would have time to learn the system and learn from Derek Carr to develop. This would help him take over the offense, when he is ready, and succeed.

Bo Nix is an extremely experienced quarterback. Nix set the all time record for career starts by a quarterback this past year. This experience helps him make smart decisions and not panic while under pressure. He has good mobility that allows him to escape pressure if he needs to. Nix thrives at avoiding sacks and has shown extreme toughness while in college.

Similar to J.J. McCarthy, teams aren’t fully sure who Bo Nix can be because of their college offense. In the Oregon offense this past year, nearly 30% of his passes were thrown behind the line of scrimmage. This creates a sense of uncertainty surrounding Nix.

Bo Nix would have plenty of time to develop under Derek Carr. When he gets his chance, Nix could find great success in the NFL. He has the necessary skills to be able to be a great quarterback at the next level.