Recent report on Derek Carr's future is bad news for Saints

Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints appeared to be front-runners for the Derek Carr sweepstakes. With this new report, the Saints appear to now be anything but.

With the quarterback situation for the New Orleans Saints in something of a state of limbo, there appeared to be reason for optimism with Derek Carr visiting the Saints with the possibility of a trade being worked out on the table. Is Carr perect? No, but who is? Plus, in the current state of the NFC South, and NFC as a whole for that matter, Carr to the Saints would be come-up.

With the new report from Ian Rapoport surrounding Carr's future, it looks like that the Saints very well could be S.O.L.

Now granted, on the surface some may see this as a good thing as far as the Saints, or any other team desiring Carr's services, as a positive. Now, you don't have to give up draft capital to land him, only cash. Therein lies the problem for the Saints.

The Saints are currently $57.8 million over the cap as of this writing, the worst in the NFL. Signing Carr won't be cheap for any team, and if the Saints wish to throw their hat in the ring, they'd have to do some serious maneuvering, such as the baffling trade of C.J. Gardner-Johnson last offseason for a bag of peanuts.

Of course, this is the NFL, where we know absolutely nothing is impossible, especially if it doesn't always seem, shall we say, "by the books". That said, when it comes to the once promising hope of Derek Carr in a New Orleans Saints uniform, a significant amount of bloom appears to have fallen off this rose, and it's probably time for fans, and the team, to start looking elsewhere for their next QB1.