Ranking Saints' Derek Carr among NFC quarterback landscape

Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints
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Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks, Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

#8 NFC Quarterback: Geno Smith - Seattle Seahawks

We go to the NFC West for the next two quarterbacks on our list, both with something to prove. In the case of Geno Smith it's simple. The people need to simply see more.

Smith looked like a top-five quarterback in the entire conference a season ago (if not better), and if he can replicate what he did in 2022 in 2023, then he will almost surely fly up this and any other quarterback ranking.

#7 NFC Quarterback: Kyler Murray - Arizona Cardinals

With Kyler Murray, he has all the athletic tools. He throws a beautiful ball, which is usually a backhanded compliment since it's generally brought out if nothing else positive can be said, but that isn't the case here. He can move, he can read coverages, and he is a smart player, when he wants to be.

The problem with Murray, other than size and health, is if he has it all upstairs. A lot was made of the clause in his contract regarding studying and that is something that's hard to ignore. If he can prove that he is the leader the Arizona Cardinals hoped he could be when they made him the number one overall draft choice, then he, like Smith, will fly up rankings.