Ranking Saints' Derek Carr among NFC quarterback landscape

Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints
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Justin Fields, Chicago Bears, Daniel Jones, New York Giants / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

#10 NFC Quarterback: Daniel Jones - New York Giants

We start with the two quarterbacks labeled as "running" quarterbacks. It may come off as a knock, but it's more of a testament to their abilities as ball-carriers. That said, there is still work to be done here in the passing game, but things may be looking up.

With Daniel Jones, he seems to have a very limited and defined ceiling as s quarterback. However, he was able to win himself a playoff game, and has shown the capability to show flashes. Of course, all of those flashes seem to come against the Minnesota Vikings and their porous defense, including the playoff win, so it's tough to rank him higher than ten.

#9 NFC Quarterback: Justin Fields - Chicago Bears

Justin Fields and Jones are similar in their style, but also in that they have to produce with very limited supporting casts. Even though Jones has a playoff game under his belt, we have to give the edge to Fields here, and here is why.

For starters, the starters around Fields are a little worse. As such, he is the one tasked with making plays in efforts to win games. Everything is centered around Fields, and if the Bears go far, it's because of Fields. With the Giants, it's more in spite of Jones. Now that may change, but for now, this is the bottom of the barrel for our rankings.