Ranking Saints' Derek Carr among NFC quarterback landscape

Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints
Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints / Sean Gardner/GettyImages
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With the New Orleans Saints signing Derek Carr to be their new QB1, where does the Saints new starter rank among the rest in the conference?

It's really no secret that the list of the quarterbacks in the NFC... leaves a bit to be desired, to put it kindly. The NFC South is even worse, with the New Orleans Saints being the only team in the division that knows with absolute certainty who their starting quarterback will be in 2023. That got us to thinking, where does the Saints new quarterback QB1 rank in the NFC?

With the quarterback landscape being vastly superior in the AFC, Derek Carr was completely overshadowed with the Las Vegas Raiders. With the Saints, he has a chance to shine.

Out of the 16 teams in the conference, we can really only rank ten of them confidently, which is convenient, so we have a nice clean top ten. We don't know what the Atlanta Falcons or Washington Commanders are doing yet, and the San Francisco 49ers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have some balls in the air, ranging in quality of course. The Carolina Panthers will almost assuredly draft one but we don't know who that is yet, nor do we know what Jordan Love will be with Aaron Rodgers headed out of Green Bay and likely to the New York Jets.

So with that said, here are the top ten quarterbacks in the NFC, and Saints fans should enjohy where Carr falls on our ranking.