Pro Football Focus has high hopes for Derek Carr-led Saints in 2023

Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints
Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus seems to think highly of the New Orleans Saints if two of their recently published lists are any indication, which should excite Saints fans.

It seems like analytics hold more and more sway in the world of sports with each passing year, with a great emphasis on both advanced, and basic statistics. Perhaps the explosion of fantasy football is to blame, who knows. No matter how you feel about this movement, you can always be in favor when they support your team, like the New Orleans Saints for instance. The grand poobah of NFL analytics are Pro Football Focus, and they have some kind words for the Saints that fans may find interesting.

The platform recently released two top five lists that both featured the New Orleans Saints.

The first was five teams that are being overlooked in the NFL entering the 2023 season, and they listed the Saints along with the cockroaches of the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Green Bay Packers, the Buffalo Bills (which is weird), and the Los Angeles Rams.

It's easy to see why the Saints would be included. They have a talented roster in what is looking like a weak division and a down year for the conference as a whole. They also have the strength of scheudle to go with it, which means they may host a playoff game in the Superdome with a favorable seed.

On top of that, they signed Derek Carr who they hope will answer their quarterback questions in this post-Drew Brees world. Carr was also listed as a dark-horse MVP candidate by, and PFF seems to be on board with the idea.

The New Orleans Saints appear to be flying under the radar by pretty much everybody outside of their fanbase and the Big Easy as a whole. That's not a bad thing though, because without the pressure of lofty expectations, it can sometimes feel easier to breakout and go on a deep run. Time will tell if this comes into fruition, but for now, we aren't complaining.

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