Perfect (and realistic) draft option for Saints to fill quarterback need

Hendon Hooker, Tennessee Volunteers
Hendon Hooker, Tennessee Volunteers / Donald Page/GettyImages

Many are wondering what the New Orleans Saints will do to solve their quarterback mystery. Fortunately for the Saints, the answer may fall right into their lap.

The New Orleans Saints are at something of a crossroads when it comes to the state of their franchise. They are trying to figure out who will be the next QB1, and take the baton from Drew Brees as the face of the franchise. Ever since Brees retired, the Saints have been wandering around directionless as it pertains to the game's most important position.

Thee are a plethora of paths the Saints can go. There are veterans aplenty available to sign in free agency, even if the Saints league-worst cap situation is a bit of a road block, and there is also the draft. Thanks to the Sean Payton trade, the Saints are back in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft, and there is where they may find their answer to the quarterback question.

The name Hendon Hooker was one of the more well-known names in the college football world this past season. Hooker was well on his way to a Heisman season, and potentially a playoff season for the University of Tennessee, before tearing his ACL on a non-contact play against the University of South Carolina. Just like that, Hooker was all of a sudden under the radar, and that includes in the leadup to the NFL Draft.

This is where the Saints can take advantage.

Hooker fits the mold for everything you would want in a franchise quarterback. He has the size (6'2", 218 pounds), the athelticism, and the arm. Not to mention he also has the brains and leadership quality teams crave. An argument can easily be made he is just as good of a prospect as Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Will Levis, and Anthony Richardson, if not better. The injury myst be what is holding teams back.

Of course, banking on an injured quarterback has paid off for the Saints before with Brees. This obvioulsy isn't saying that Hooker is Brees, but it still needs to be said. Hooker also fits the exact type of quarterback the Saints are reportedly looking for this offseason, and wouldn't even have to leave the Dixie Land. Given the Saints current draft slot at 30 coupled with Hooker's current projetion, they could stay put, or move up a couple spaces, to grab their quarterback of the future.

When you add all of this together, this comes out almost too perfectly. Hendon Hooker and the New Orleans Saints makes all of the sense in the world, on paper. Of course, games are played on a field and not on paper, so that part remains to be seen. However, all cosmic signs are pointing to the positive so far, and it can't be ignored.

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