Offensive line Draft prospect that could check all boxes for Saints

Cody Mauch, North Dakota State Bison
Cody Mauch, North Dakota State Bison / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints need help in the trenches. There is an offensive prospect in particular that could solve some of the Saints problems in the Draft though.

In all levels of football, games are won and lost in the trenches. This writer seemingly types that statement every article, but it's warranted considering that point cannot be driven home enough. In the case of the New Orleans Saints, it just so happens they need to improve that area of the field on both sides of the ball more than the usual re-tooling. There is a ton of work to be done on defense, but as far as offense goes, one prospect in particular should stand out for the Saints.

When it comes to FCS college football, the North Dakota State Bison have become something of a kingdom up there, the likes of which are rarely seen in college football in this day and age, or perhaps any day and age. Believe it or not, since 2016 they have produced two quarterbacks taken in the top-three of the NFL Draft with Carson Wentz going number two overall to the Philadelphia Eagles, and Trey Lance going number three to the San Francisco 49ers in 2021. Of course, the results have ranged from mediocre to mysterious, but that's still a wildly impressive feat for an FCS school. For those keeping score at home, wide receiver Christian Watson of the Green Bay Packers is a former Bison in his own right, taken in the second round in last year's Draft.

Now, there is another prospect from this football power that could benefit the Saints.

Offensive lineman Cody Mauch went viral for his transformation since entering college as a walk-on tight end, and it honestly has to be seen to be believed.

The thing is though, Mauch is a darn good lineman. He is capable of playing, and dominating, all five positions as he's shown in college. His past as a tight end gives him rare athleticism for a lineman. He could fit right in wherever the Saints may need him, most likely guard with the futures of Andrus Peat and Cesar Ruiz up in the air, and he has a level of nastiness and a mean streak that would fit right in with Trevor Penning, who the Saints took in the first round last year.

This sort of attitude on the offensive line could be just what the doctor ordered for the New Orleans Saints, and they would be wise to do their homework on Cody Mauch, It almost seems too good to be true.