NFL Playoff hopes for the Saints still alive and well

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints / Jason Miller/GettyImages

For the first time this season, the New Orleans Saints have made it back-to-back wins with their 17-10 win over the Cleveland Browns. Make no mistake about it, the Saints needed to win this game and well, continue winning out the rest of the regular season to keep their NFL Playoff hopes alive.

With this win, the Saints are now 6-9 and continue to prove they still have what it takes to earn a playoff berth since anything can happen once they have their ticket to the postseason. Of course, this wasn't a pretty win but at the end of the day, winning fixes everything.

The Saints' defense came to play and truly held their own in a bitterly cold football game. They came through when it mattered most and was able to put this game away by stopping the Browns when they were threatening to tie the game late in the 4th quarter.

Saints keep their NFL Playoff hopes alive with 17-10 win over Browns

Luckily for the Saints, no frigid cold overtime was in the cards as they were able to leave this game victorious. On the offensive side of the football, it was the Taysom Hill show and well, when he gets going, it tends to bode well for the Saints.

As you enjoy the holiday weekend with this much-needed Saints victory, feel free to hit your fellow Saints fans with a fun Hill stat. Did you know when Hill has at least seven carries in a game, the Saints are 14-1? Spread the word and enjoy as Santa gave Who Dat Nation a great gift to enjoy for Christmas.