NFL insider explains why other teams know the Saints got a steal with Spencer Rattler

The New Orleans Saints selected quarterback Spencer Rattler in the fifth round of the 2024 NFL Draft, and there’s a belief that he could be a massive steal.
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The New Orleans Saints put together a promising class in the 2024 Draft, and there’s a belief that this class could end up being great if one thing happens. That one thing is quarterback Spencer Rattler becoming the franchise quarterback for the Saints. New Orleans was able to land him in the fifth round, so that would be an incredible value pick.

While Rattler was ultimately selected in the fifth round, he’s not considered a fifth-round talent. Sure, there were some character concerns because of how he was perceived as a high schooler that led to him sliding, but everyone recognizes that the Saints were lucky to land him so late.

NFL reporter Jeremy Fowler, in a recent piece for ESPN, explained that in a recent piece, sharing some post-draft intel for all 32 teams. Speaking with executives, scouts, and coaches, Fowler was able to provide context to the things that happened in the draft. With New Orleans, Fowler broke down how Rattler’s slide had a lot to do with other teams’ need.

Fowler reports that the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos were extremely high on Rattler, but they were able to get Michael Penix Jr. and Bo Nix in the top 15. However, according to Fowler, Rattler and Nix were considered to be in the same tier as prospects.

"But make no mistake, Rattler is not perceived as 138 picks worse than Bo Nix -- some evaluators had him awfully close to the same tier as Nix."

Jeremy Fowler (ESPN)

Spencer Rattler could be the steal of the draft

Fowler even spoke with another source who downplayed concerns about Rattler’s character. The source said, “Really didn't harp on it much -- it wasn't a big thing. He's matured a lot since then, like we all have. If there was a camera in my face when I was in high school, I wouldn't have looked great, either. He was impressive in his interviews."

All in all, it seems like the Saints were able to get a mature, talented quarterback for great draft value. Rattler is unlikely to play as a rookie, with Derek Carr as the starter in New Orleans. However, that’ll give Spencer Rattler the time to grow and prepare for when his number is called.