How will Spencer Rattler impact the Saints?

The Saints took a chance and drafted Spencer Rattler, who was thought to be an option in the second or third round. Here is how he could end up impacting the Saints.
Clemson v South Carolina
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There's another quarterback on the bayou, and a potential Derek Carr succession plan perhaps in place.

In the fifth round of the NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints took Spencer Rattler, a guy who has tremendous upside. This pick could prove to be one of the better picks in the draft this year if he pans out.

Rattler’s calling card is his arm talent. He is extremely talented and has all of the tools needed to make a quarterback in the NFL. He is viewed as being a little undersized, only standing at 6 feet tall, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue for the Saints.

Last year at South Carolina, Rattler threw for 3,183 yards and 19 touchdowns. His passer rating stood at 99.l, which is respectable. At South Carolina, he didn’t have a great offensive line, which held him back significantly. That could be a problem for the Saints but they are taking steps to address it, such as drafting Taliese Fuaga. Rattler was also the Senior Bowl MVP. The Saints tend to love Senior Bowl prospects, so why not take the MVP.

They did a similar move last year as Jake Haener was the MVP.

How will Spencer Rattler fit in with Saints?

The Saints currently have a crowded quarterback room. As of now, there are 5 total quarterbacks on the roster (6 if you count Taysom Hill): Derek Carr, Spencer Rattler, Jake Haener, Kellen Mond, and Nathan Peterman.

Obviously, they all won’t make the roster, but it should help aid the development of Rattler. Having veterans around will help teach Rattler the Saints offense which should prove to be beneficial. 

The selection of Spencer Rattler provides the Saints an option for after Derek Carr. Rattler is extremely talented, and if he is developed correctly, it is completely possible that Ratter could be the Saints franchise quarterback after Derek Carr. This pick was one with low risk, as it is a late 5th-round pick, yet still has high potential.

If Carr gets injured, Spencer Rattler could take over and prove to be a great player.