Saints worked out handful of potential new kickers

Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers
Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints looked to potentially solve their kicking woes this week, with the Saints working out several kickers as potential replacements.

Of all the problems currently plaguing the New Orleans Saints, the kicking woes wouldn't exactly be at the top of the list. Still, they make the Saints list nonetheless.

As such, the team thought it would be prudent to bring in some kickers to see if one had the goods to replace rookie Blake Grupe, fresh off scoring every point the Saints had in their 24-15 defeat at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons. The team is adamant that it has to due with injury, not performance however.

The kickers the Saints brought into the Big Easy really run the spectrum too. Perhaps the most notable is 39-year old Mason Crosby, known as the long-time kicker for the Green Bay Packers with a career field goal success rate of 81.4%. Crosby was their kicker from 2007 up until last season, and won a Super Bowl ring with the Packers during the 2010 season.

The other kickers that the Saints reportedly brought in for tryouts include James McCourt, who was a preseason kicker with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Chargers, Taylor Bertolet, who has bounced around pretty much every football league in North America, a primary kickoff specialist in Ramiz Ahmed, and veteran Austin Seibert who has bounced around the NFL with a career field goal percentage of 80.4% (45 of 56).

It will be interesting to see if the New Orleans Saints move on from their rookie kicker, healthy or not, for one of these options that don't exactly set the world on fire or move the needle, save for MAYBE Crosby. It's also interesting to see that this is where their priorities appear to lie at this point in the 2023 season, but that of course is a conversation for another time.