Saints were wise to take a backseat during NFL trade deadline

Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints
Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints / Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports

Another NFL trade deadline has come and gone, and the New Orleans Saints decided to sit back and watch. Here is why that was the right decision for the Saints.

It's no secret that New Orleans Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis is known as a mover and a shaker. Never been one to rebuild the Saints, he's of the mindset that they just need a piece or two to retool and reload. Given the fact that the Saints are currently sitting with a .500 record at 4-4, some would surmise that they would decide to be buyers at the deadline. That was not the case.

Fear not though Saints fans, this was the right move by Loomis and company.

The Saints aren't in any position to unload draft capital when their draft position can vary wildly depending on if they're able to win the admittedly weak NFC South. Besides, it isn't like this is a bad roster on either side of the ball. Sure, the offensive line needs to take a step up, however it isn't like those kind of pieces are just dangling out in space and ripe for the taking. If they are, they don't exactly come cheap.

On the side of selling as opposed to buying at the trade deadline, there were whispers out there that a quarterback-needy team might contact the Saints for the services of Jameis Winston, but quarterbacks are dropping like flies. Say what you will about Famous Jameis, but there are FAR worse positions to be in as far as backup quarterbacks are concerned.

Now yes, this year's NFL trade deadline may have been devoid of fireworks and splashes as far as the New Orleans Saints and their fans are concerned. That said, this was the right approach to take, especially if the team looks like they may have finally hit something resembling a stride.