Saints week two spoiler alert vs. Carolina Panthers

Derek Carr, Jamaal Williams, New Orleans Saints
Derek Carr, Jamaal Williams, New Orleans Saints / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans hit the road to take on the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football to begin NFC South play. Here’s how the game will go for the Saints.

Week one is in the books and now we get right into the mud. The New Orleans Saints head into week deuce hitting the road to take on division rival Carolina Panthers. With that, depending on who you ask, marking the true starting point of the season for the Saints. 

Obviously there will be some ne’er-do-wells who won’t want to wait around for the game to start, and want the results as soon as possible. Well, fortunately we got you covered. Here is your official gaze into the future on how the game will go. Of course with any future revelation, there’s always the chance of some quantum leapers goofing around to try and change it, such was the case last week evidently. 

Anyhoo, here is your official Saints spoiler alert. Read on if you dare, for you have been warned. 

The defensive front of the Panthers is much different than that of the one the Saints faced against the Tennessee Titans a week ago. Both are solid, but the strength of the Panthers is the outside rush whereas the Titans was more up the middle. As such, Derek Carr will still be under SOME duress, but fortunatlely Jamaal Williams and company will be able to get into a rushing rhythm much quicker this time around to help out. Basically, it’s going to be a “get right” game for this offensive line, but it won't be perfect. With that being the case, the offense will look like it’s about to blast into new heights. 

On the other side, the strong Saints defense will look even stronger, taking on rookie first-overall pick Bryce Young in his second game. The pass rush won’t make it easy for Young, who will make a couple mistakes as a result. 

With all this added together, the New Orleans Saints will come away with the victory by a score of 27-13, and become the third team in the better than anticipated NFC South to sit at 2-0 while the Carolina Panthers stay in the caboose at 0-2. There’s your glimpse into the future. Do with this information what you will.  

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