Saints week seven spoiler alert vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Derek Carr Alvin Kamra, New Orleans Saints
Derek Carr Alvin Kamra, New Orleans Saints / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints are back on prime time, this time to play the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday Night Football. Here's how it will go for the Saints.

When it comes to our spoiler alerts, we always like to add a little disclaimer that once the future is revealed, whoever it's revealed to may want to start meddling around like a real McFly to try and change it. Well, it appears that's been what's happening with the New Orleans Saints, as they continue to struggle with some of the same issues. That doesn't mean we're going to shy away from the Saints spoiler business however.

With just a little bit to go until kickoff, here is your official spoiler alert for the Saints game against the Jaguars. You have been warned. Read on if you dare.

Believe it or not, the Jags are another team that has underwhelmed a bit like the Saints, even if their expectations may have been slightly loftier than that of the Saints. Both teams also have some similar red zone struggles, in what has become something of an issue league-wide, and it'll be on display on Thursday Night Football.

The Saints will also be without both offensive tackles, rendering an already lackluster pass-protection department to be even more depleted. Fortunately, the Saints defense is used to picking up the slack, and with Trevor Lawrence already banged up himself, it'll lead to a long night for both signal callers.

As such, the also banged up Derek Carr and the Saints will get the better of Lawrence and the Jags (if you even want to call it that) by a score of 20-16. We won't lie to you, the game will be ugly, as of course has become tradition for Thursday Night Football Games.

There is your official spoiler for the New Orleans Saints. Do with this information what you will.