Saints week eight spoiler alert vs. Indianapolis Colts

Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints
Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints / Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints are on the road again to take on their Super Bowl XLIV opponent, the Indianapolis Colts. Here is how the game will go for the Saints.

The greatest moment, next to Steve Gleason's blocked punt, in the history of the New Orleans Saints was their triumph in Super Bowl XLIV over Peyton Manning, Pat McAfee and the Indianapolis Colts to cap off the 2009 season. It was the first, and so far only, Super Bowl title in Saints history.

With the Saints sitting at 3-4, the team is a far cry from their 2009 ball club. Derek Carr is certainly not Drew Brees, and Dennis Allen hasn't been Sean Payton. Well, at least Saints Sean Payton. Still, they are very much alive thanks to their defense, and of course the current landscape of the NFC South.

Given this roller coaster season, some fans may be anxious to just skip to the end to find out if the Saints are back to a .500 record. Well fear not, becasuse as always we've got you covered. Here is your official spoiler alert for the Saints vs. the Colts. Read on if you dare, for you have been warned.

The Colts will of course be without rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson, but with Gardner Minshew taking the reigns for the Colts, there are far worse spots to be in. While the Saints bolster a very good defense, Minshew carved up the defense of the Cleveland Browns defense, the best in football a week ago, albeit in a losing effort.

The offense of the Saints will need to keep up, as the defense will have a slightly tougher time keeping the Colts at bay being on the road. The Saints are barreling towards desparation though, and both units will be up to the task.

The New Orleans Saints will come away victorious in a bit of an ugly game by a score of 23-21, in one that may cause some sweat to pour out of fans. There is your official spoiler, do with this information what you will quantum leapers.