Saints value versatility above all else with recent moves

Storm Norton, Los Angeles Chargers
Storm Norton, Los Angeles Chargers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints have gone into free agency period with a plan, and know exactly what they want. This reflected in the Saints two most recent signings.

It's safe to say that the New Orleans Saints have certainly been active so far in free agency. The arrival of Derek Carr grabbed all the attention, but the other moves they have made certainly have chances to be impactful in their own right. The Saints had a clear directive and goal, which was to bring in a quarterback while getting back to neutral with their salary cap. Check and check.

The Saints also showed what trait they value in their players. That trait is versatility.

Versatility is a necessary arrow in any player's quiver, but some franchises value it more than others, usually with it being scheme-dependent. The Saints made two more free agency signings that show just where they stand.

Lonnie Johnson is a former second-round pick of the Houston Texans in 2019, and can play a multitude of positions in the secondary, whether it be outside, in the slot, or safety. At 6 feet-2 inches and 213 pounds, his size coupled with his skillset should allow the Saints to get creative on where they have him on the field.

Meanwhile, the Saints also brought in the former undrafted free agent Storm Norton, a hulking 6 foot-7 inch, 317 pound tackle who played on both the left and right side with the Los Angeles Chargers. The Saints know it's crucial to constantly try to improve in the trenches, and bringing in a towering tackle who can line up on both sides is the perfect sort of building block to bring in.

Will these signings that flash versatility make any headlines around NFL circles, or even around New Orleans Saints circles? Most likely not. That said, the fact that the franchise is valuing versatility while bargain shopping show that the team may be ready for a turnaround sooner rather than later.

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