4 under-the-radar OC candidates Saints need to interview immediately

After firing Pete Carmichael, it's time to get the process going.
New Orleans Saints, Jon Gruden
New Orleans Saints, Jon Gruden / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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3. Press Taylor, Offensive Coordinator, Jacksonville Jaguars

Just two spots below Houston in passing offense last season were their division rival, the Jacksonville Jaguars, sitting ninth overall and averaging 242.7 passing yards per game. Jacksonville may have sputtered to end the season, but their offense was still fairly respectable, and their offensive coordinator Press Taylor is one who has seen his name pop up in past head coaching conversations.

Taylor might have to wait another year or so, in order to get his shot, and if he wanted to take his talents elsewhere to "prove it," then New Orleans could be a great landing spot. Working beneath Doug Pederson the last two years, Taylor helped quarterback Trevor Lawrence take the next step in his development. In New Orleans though, Taylor wouldn't necessarily have to do any "developing" with Carr.

Instead, it's about maximizing what Carr is good at, along with those around him. Taylor is the younger brother of Cincinnati Bengals head coach, Zac, and both of them are similarly-capable offensive minds. It's now the younger brother's turn to start looking at working his way up the ranks.