Saints make two... interesting re-signing decisions

Jameis Winston, Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints
Jameis Winston, Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints have certainly been active so far in free agency, leaving many Saints fans to voice their opinions on some of the moves.

The free agency period of the 2023 NFL offseason has been... notable thus far for the New Orleans Saints. Obviously the signing of Derek Carr to be the Saints new QB1 has the majority of the headlines, and rightfully so, as the move has been applauded by the majority it would seem.

That said, the Saints have made other moves that are certainly intriguing, no matter your opinion on the quality.

It's being reported that the Saints are expected to retain Michael Thomas on a one year deal, with the contract being incentive-heavy. While many are ready for this whole saga between the Saints and Thomas to come to an end, the fact that his deal is incentive-laden means that Thomas will actually have to play, and produce, on the field to eat his bread. It's the exact "prove-it" deal that the Saints should have given the wide receiver if they were insistent on retaining him.

Then there is Jameis Winston.

It was announced on Monday evening that the Saints will be resigning Winston to a one-year $8 million deal. Clearly, the team liked Winston enough to be a backup to Carr, and he's a good insurance option to have should Carr start going south. Regardless, given the holes in the roster, the team choosing to throw money at Winston is, certainly something.

There is still a lot of wheeling and dealing to do this offseason. We haven't even gotten to #DraftSzn, or the month of April for that matter. The New Orleans Saints still have a lot of time to fill the holes in the roster, but it's also true that the offseason is off to a head-turning start.

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