Saints bringing in veteran tight end for visit is smart move

Foster Moreau, Las Vegas Raiders
Foster Moreau, Las Vegas Raiders / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints hosted a veteran tight end for a visit, and should a deal come out of it, this was a great move by the Saints.

With more and more emphasis being put on offense, and quarterbacks, in today's NFL to the point we never thought possible, there's one position that has becoming progressively more crucial to a team's success that's flying under the radar. That position is tight end. Fortunately, the New Orleans Saints seem to be privy to this, as the moves the Saints front office have made, and appear to be in the process of making, would indicate.

They already re-signed Juwan Johnson who is poised to continue on his breakout trajectory, and now they have brought in former Las Vegas Raiders tight end Foster Moreau for a visit to the Big Easy. This is a fantastic move by the Saints.

If you look at the more successful franchises in the current NFL landscape, or even the most recent Super Bowl participates, they all have solid to great tight ends. If you're a team devoid of an absolute stud, then it's imperative to have at least two on the roster that are at the bare-minimum serviceable.

Moreau, coupled with Johnson and whatever you consider Taysom Hill, would certainly give the Saints a tight end room they would feel comfortable going to battle with. As a bonus, Moreau was born and raised in New Orleans (he went to Jesuit High School), and played his college ball at LSU. Then there's the Derek Carr factor.

When you bring in a new veteran quarterback, it's always smart to give him a sense of familiarity to make him feel comfortable out the gate. Moreau would supply that for Carr, especially considering he would fill in amicably when Darren Waller would go down with injury with the Raiders.

While it is true this would be far from the "splash" signing that would make headlines and have some consider the New Orleans Saints contenders, it would be a necessary building block move to vault them to a level-up on a lot of their competition, especially in the division.

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