New Orleans Saints: Three Keys to Victory on Monday Night Football

Tennessee Titans v New Orleans Saints
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Saints key number two: Emphasize on Opportunities

One of the biggest things the Saints have struggled with over the past few seasons has been capitalizing on opportunities. The Saints aren't a bad offensive team, but for whatever reason they seem to struggle in short field situations or capitalizing on turnovers.

The Saints' defense was able to intercept three passes from Ryan Tannehill last week and sack him three times, but wasn't able to muster up a touchdown until the third quarter and only scored 16 total points. If the Saints were able to score touchdowns instead of settle for field goals, they would have been able to take a far more comfortable lead into the fourth quarter.

Divisional games are always more important than the other games on the schedule, and capitalizing on extra opportunities is at a premium in those matchups simply because these teams know how to play against you better than anyone else in the league does.

If the Saints can put the ball in the end zone this week, there should be any doubt in anyone's mind that the Saints will win this football game.