Saints need to steer clear of Russell Wilson in 2024

Ruseell Wilson, Sean Payton, Denver Broncos
Ruseell Wilson, Sean Payton, Denver Broncos / Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

A former Super Bowl quarterback is available this offseason. The New Orleans Saints shouldn't even think about it, no matter how desperate Saints fans may feel.

Coming into the 2023 season, there was justifiable excitement surrounding the New Orleans Saints. After all, this is a talented roster, one that was perceived as a group capable of overcoming some coaching faux pas, and had brought in what was assumed would be an upgrade at quarterback in Derek Carr. As we're all painfully aware of, it hasn't gone completely to plan for the Saints, even if it isn't completely Cars fault (a good amount is) and a lot of the bloom is off this rose.

The same can be said for Russell Wilson with the Denver Broncos, only that marriage is currently in year two of trending towards divorce, and the papers are now officially all but signed.

Now, surely some of you are at the very least thinking "well..." Don't.

While Wilson's stats have improved under a certain somebody at head coach, those can be somewhat misleading. The team has found success despite him as opposed to because of him. Now, all of those suspicions are confirmed as the Broncos are willing to eat about $80 million in dead cap to let him walk.

Speaking of financials, that's a big reason why the Saints shouldn't even entertain this. Sure, he won't come with the price tag that took him to Mile High, but he won't come cheap, and the Saints aren't exactly rolling around in the Benjamins when it comes to cap room.

Secondly, would he really be that much of an upgrade from Carr? The offensive line needs work, and the trenches need to be priority number one for this team moving forward. Games are won and lost there, and we've seen that play out in front of our very eyes this year. Jabri Evans was just named a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's class of 2024, and was arguably the best guard in football during the best stretch in Saints franchise history. Just saying.

The point is, don't even let the thought of Russell Wilson joining the New Orleans Saints creep into your heads. It isn't the most practical, and quite honestly, is just putting a Band-Aid on a flesh wound, which has been the story of this franchise's downfall since the retirement of Drew Brees. A whole new regime at minimum in needed to start with, and they'll (hopefully) prefer to go with a young quarterback to be tied to. This isn't a sprint ahead of us, it's a marathon.