Saints would be smart to look into signing Frank Clark

Frank Clark, Kansas City Chiefs
Frank Clark, Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints have quietly had a great offseason to this point. There is one move the Saints could make that would vault them to another level though.

Perhaps "quiet" wasn't the greatest adjective to describe the 2023 offseason for the New Orleans Saints, considering the announcement that Derek Carr was brought in with the hope of being the Saints post-Drew Brees franchise quarterback was the first splash move of the offseason. Since then though, they have made under the radar, but still solid, moves to hopefully help them eventually build a contender.

With the quarterback box checked off on the to-do list (for now) the big offseason project for the Saints was revamping and rebuilding the defensive front. Games are won and lost in the trenches, and considering you can't have too many pass-rushers, it's something that should be addressed every offseason to be honest. It just so happened that the point was exacerbated for the Saints this particular offseason.

The Saints have been doing their part in this endeavor, but there is one last lever they can pull that would potentially vault them to a sleeping giant in the weakened NFC.

The defending champion Kansas City Chiefs released stud quarterback hunter Frank Clark in what was essentially a salary cap casualty. The Saints should absolutely try to bring Clark to the Big Easy, or at the very least do their homework on such a move.

A lot of Clark's best work comes late in the season, and particularly in the playoffs. He is a true "closer" pass-rusher in the Von Miller-mold that could benefit NOLA. The growing notion is that whoever wins the NFC South, a division that stinks on ice, won't last too long in the playoffs despite hosting a game. Should the Saints win said division with Clark coming off of the edge, that sentiment might start to change a little bit.

It may seem like a pipe dream, but the New Orleans Saints do miraculously all of a sudden have the sixth-best salary cap situation in the NFL, in what is real Saint-like work. If they can make this happen, it will be big for the Bayou.

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