Saints bitten by sickness bug ahead of week eight game vs. Colts

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints
Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints have been bitten by the dreaded bug leading up to their week eight game. Only it’s not the injury but that has bitten the Saints.

Heading into the New Orleans Saints week eight tilt with the Indianapolis Colts, there’s a feeling that we’re starting to approach “must-win” territory, even if we’re only about halfway through the 2023 NFL season. It’s a far cry from where we expected the Saints to be at this point, but hey that’s showbiz, and calm waves don’t make good sailors anyway. 

Given the fact that this game with the Colts is away from the comfy confines of the Superdome, there’s an increased emphasis on things needing to go as close to flawlessly as possible. While a bite from the injury bug is something that’s affecting every team in the NFL to this point, the Saints are now dealing with another bug as well. 

It appears that the a bunch of people within the Saints, players and coaches alike, have been hit with an illness, leaving a handful of players, such as Michael Thomas, to be listed as questionable for the game in Indy. As of this writing, we don’t know officially who is in and out, however we can at the very least surmise that the ones who are playing will he doing so somewhat compromised given that they won’t be feeling 100%. No one is feeling 100% physically at this point in the season, but adding sickness on top just feels cruel. 

Dennis Allen and company are adamant that The Saints are prepared, however it's worth noting that they’ve also been prepared for every game in this uninspired 2023 season so far. So there’s that.    

There are no excuses in the NFL, so don’t mistake this for planning ahead if the New Orleans Saints come up short. Still, it is something worth noting and monitoring as we plan for yet another Sunday.