Saints seven-round mock draft of movie and tv character football players

Denzel Washington Stars In Remember The Titans
Denzel Washington Stars In Remember The Titans / Getty Images/GettyImages

With New Orleans Saints fans (and all NFL fans) hyped to the gills for the 2023 NFL Draft, we thought we give Saints fans something to massage the brain.

It's the eve of the 2023 NFL Draft, and NFL fans are beyond excited for the first TRUE big event of the 2023 NFL season to kick off. The New Orleans Saints are no different, especially since it wasn't looking like the Saints would even be picking in the first round when the 2023 NFL offseason began.

We of course now know that the Saints will be joining in on the increasingly ludicrous pageantry that is round one of the NFL Draft, where they will make a dream come true and make a young athlete a household name.

We don't know which real athlete that we've been watching the college level that will be, but what if the Saints got their picks of the ones we've watched on the streaming screen?

There are obviously has been no shortage of classic television programs and movies centered around the arguable new great American pastime. With the movie 2014 movie Draft Day getting extra attention this time of year, as of course is tradition, we thought it would be fun to present a full seven-round mock draft for the Saints if they were to choose from these characters. Just some light reading the night before the Draft.

And... ACTION!

. Guard. Varsity Blues. player. 15. . Billy Bob. 1

It's no secret that the Saints need to retool and reload in the trenches. The perfect place to start is with the versatile Billy Bob, who should be able to step in and start at guard right away. He has concerns with his weight and history with concussions, but he also has rare agility for said size, and the Saints almost have no choice but to snatch him up after he free-falls to them at 29.

. Andre Krimm. . Defensive Tackle. Necessary Roughness . 2. player. 15

Staying in the trenches, but on the other side, the Saints are able to bring in defensive tackle Andre Krimm to fill a gap left in the interior thanks to free agency. He has the versatility to play on the outside as well, and is a very mentally smart player. He is a former teacher after all.

. Defensive End. Fred "Ogre" Palowaski. 3. 15. . Revenge of the Nerds. player

While the defensive line was already addressed, the Saints still need some numbers in the pass-rusher's room. The Ogre may have some character concerns, which explains his falling to the third round, but the Saints take the risk and take the plunge.

Running Back. 4. . player. 15. . Friday Night Lights (TV Show). Brian "Smash" Williams

Quality running backs are going to fall deep into the Draft, it's just the nature of the position. With a lot to choose from, the Saints are fortunate to land the versatile Smash Williams in the fourth round, whose alleged PED past scared some teams away. With the Saints potentially scared away from Alvin Kamara, it's a perfect potential replacement.

15. Quarterback. Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass. 5. . . Remember the Titans. player

The Saints have been reportedly doing their homework on dual-threat quarterbacks. Ronnie Bass has a bazooka attached to his arm, but thanks to his past in a option-heavy offense, he is seen as a high-upside project. With the chance to sit, wait, and learn behind Derek Carr, the Saints may have just locked up their future QB1 with a Draft steal.

. Tight End. The Longest Yard (2005). 5. 15. . Cheeseburger Eddie. player

Even with the contract extension of Juwan Johnson after his breakout season, the Saints can still use a number two. Cheeseburger Eddie is a bit of an athletic freak at the position, but one that specializes in blocking, who would be the perfect compliment to Johnson, so the Saints take a shot with their second fifth-round pick.

Wide Receiver. All American. Asher Adams. 7. . player. 15.

We still don't know what the future of Michael Thomas holds, so the Saints grab a wide receiver late in Asher Adams. He may have something of a troubled past, but he also possesses the work ethic to make up for it, and could fit in nicely to this suddenly young wide receiver room.

Remember the Titans. Alan Bosley. 7. player. . . 15. Cornerback

With their second pick in the seventh round, and their final of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Saints take a flier on defensive back Alan Bosley, a teammate of their new rookie quarterback Sunshine. He may have lost his job before, but has shown to be a good depth piece and team player. The Saints end the Draft by figuring "hey Jalen Hurts lost his job once, and that turned out alright".

So there you have it, the New Orleans Saints seven-round fictional mock draft before the real thing smacks us all in the face Thursday night. AND.... CUT!