Saints work with salary cap has been nothing short of miraculous

Mickey Loomis, New Orleans Saints
Mickey Loomis, New Orleans Saints / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

From where the New Orleans Saints started the offseason to where they are now salary cap wise, this has already been a remarkable month for the Saints.

Coming into the 2023 NFL offseason, the New Orleans Saints ranked dead last in the NFL for cap space, hovering a little shy of $60 million under the cap. Now granted, we've learned that the salary cap can be maneuvered and manipulated to the point where some deny its very existence, but even still, things were looking bleak for the Saints.

That's what makes this offseason already an impressive one for the Saints.

Fast forward to the week after St. Patrick's Day weekend (glad your vision isn't too blurred to read this), and the Big Easy is dancing to a much different tune when it comes to the salary cap. After re-signing some of their own and restructuring veteran contracts to team-friendly deals, along with some bargain bin signings from other teams, oh, and that Derek Carr guy, the Saints are left with roughly $17.3 million in salary cap space. If you subtract the $3.2 million that's budgeted for the rookie draft class, that leaves Mickey Loomis and company with a little more than $14.2 million in cap space to play with.

That's exciting for a couple reasons. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is that there is a lot of potential for moves, even some exciting splash ones. The other reason for excitement, is that the Saints cap situation now ranks as the sixth-best in the entire NFL, so the "competition" for deals may be somewhat limited.

It just goes to show that the front office of the New Orleans Saints remains in the conversation among the NFL's elite. As far as the cap goes, they went from the outhouse to the penthouse in just a few weeks. Ok, maybe not the penthouse, but it's safe to say with all things considered they are living rather comfortably at this point in the offseason.

dark. Next. Another move on the way?