4 contracts holding the Saints back right now

New Orleans is currently in big trouble, financially.

New Orleans Saints, Ryan Ramczyk
New Orleans Saints, Ryan Ramczyk / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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4. Michael Thomas, WR

Finally, this one is a contract the Saints really cannot do much about. It's also a situation where, whether you believe one narrative or another, it doesn't matter. The fact is, Michael Thomas isn't 100 percent happy in New Orleans.

Now, to be fair, how could he be? He's had a rough go at it from an injury standpoint over the years, and I think he'd be unhappy no matter where he was playing. To go from being at the top of the league in production to being an afterthought has to be difficult.

Nonetheless, the Saints are in a tough spot with his contract. In 2024, his contract is set to count $12.4 million against the salary cap. If they were to release Thomas before June 1, New Orleans wouldn't save a dime. In fact, they'd be out another $8 million.

If the Saints opted for a restructure, it would only save them $1.6 million.

The bottom line is, New Orleans is in a difficult spot. Will they continue restructuring and pushing money down the line?