Saints Rumors: 5 replacements for Dennis Allen

It's time to start seriously considering other options.
New Orleans Saints, Dennis Allen
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5. Frank Smith, Offensive Coordinator, Miami Dolphins

Finally, the Saints could take a look at the offensive coordinator for the NFL's top offense this year. The Miami Dolphins have been nearly-historic through 13 Weeks, and offensive coordinator Frank Smith is just one of the reasons why.

Of course, Smith works under head coach Mike McDaniel who is one of the brightest offensive minds in the game today. McDaniel's unorthodox personality and way of doing things has caught the attention of fans everywhere, and it's worked. He's completely, 100 percent himself and is unapologetic about it.

If Smith has been able to take away a few things from McDaniel, scheme-wise, then the Saints would be wise to get him into the building. Sure, Smith probably won't bring the same, unique quirkiness that only McDaniel could bring. But, if we're talking about producing on the field, then Smith is absolutely going to pan out.

Sometimes, coordinators don't necessarily make good head coaches. But, McDaniel is proving that theory wrong. If Smith came in and ran a similar offense in New Orleans, then sign me up.