Saints Rumors: 5 replacements for Dennis Allen

It's time to start seriously considering other options.
New Orleans Saints, Dennis Allen
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3. Jim Harbaugh, Michigan

Obviously, whenever we're talking about a head coaching opening over the last couple of years, Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh will always come up in converastion. Harbaugh was, of course, once a head coach in the NFL and led the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance with that vaunted defense and Colin Kaepernick under center.

Now, he's completely rebuilt the Michigan program into a contender, year-in and year-out. Now, he and the Wolverines get another shot at the playoff, making it into the final top four of the year and set to play Alabama.

Harbaugh is a former quarterback who understands the position inside and out. He's helped take J.J. McCarthy and develop him into a first-round NFL prospect this coming year. He is a player's coach but also a guy who is a no-nonsense type.

Harbaugh and Carr would understand one another well. Carr is a true veteran and leader. That's a relationship I could see working out very well, but first, you'd have to convince Harbaugh to leave his comfy gig in Michigan.