Saints Rumors: Firing Pete Carmichael might have opened the door for hiring Jon Gruden

One former Saints quarterback believes Jon Gruden could make his return to the NFL, in New Orleans.
New Orleans Saints, Jon Gruden
New Orleans Saints, Jon Gruden / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

On Tuesday, the New Orleans Saints made a decision to part ways with offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael.

It was a move Saints fans saw coming and were desperate to see happen. Carmichael's shortcomings have been on display for a while now, and his long-tenured run in New Orleans is finally up. Carmichael spent the past 15 seasons with the Saints.

Now, the question is, who takes over Carmichael's vacant seat as the offensive coordinator? There are a few teams in this boat, looking for one as well, and an abundance of options. However, one particular option might not be on everyone's radar, but apparently should be.

Former NFL quarterback Chase Daniel spent the first three years of his career in New Orleans, so he certainly has ties to the organization. His idea for the next OC? Check it out.

In firing Pete Carmichael, the door was swung wide open for Jon Gruden's return to coaching.

The former Raiders head coach spent the 2023 season with New Orleans as a consultant; a move that may have flown by many fans as it wasn't talked about as much as it could have been. He was let go from Las Vegas in 2021 and has been out of coaching since.

Plenty has been made about his exit and all of the circumstances that led to his dismissal, but that isn't the point.

Gruden has been known as one of the better offensive minds around the league for over two decades now, and his experience with quarterbacks and watching the game evolve has given him the ability to adapt.

Is he a perfect fit for the Saints? Maybe.

There is certainly a connection between he and quarterback Derek Carr, of course, as the two of them spent three years together with the Raiders (2018-2021). And, the Saints were once given some advice on how to get the most out of Carr from Gruden himself.

The opening in New Orleans is fresh, but a replacement very well could be on the horizon here, shortly. And, the Saints won't have to look far.