Saints rookie suspended first six games of season

Jake Haener, New Orleans Saints
Jake Haener, New Orleans Saints / Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints will not have one of their draft picks available to them to start the year, in a suspension that’s actually a surprise for the Saints. 

We all knew coming into the season that the New Orleans Saints would be without Alvin Kamara for some time due to the off-the-field incident during Pro Bowl weekend that led to his arrest. We’ve since found out the Saints would be without their star running back for the first three games of the season. 

What has come as a surprise though, is that another player on the Saints roster would be suspended, and in this case of for a longer period of time. 

It really is a shame. The rookie quarterback out of Fresno State that the Saints picked in the fourth round of this year’s Draft was one of the more notable rookies this offseason. Of course, this was more to do with his viral sensation of a rookie photoshoot than anything else, but nonetheless, you hate to see a career somewhat derailed like this. 

Jake Haener has since taken to social media to give the scoop and his side of the story on just what happened that caused him to be suspended. 

It is a good sign that Haener is taking full accountability and is using this as a learning expereince. Despite the speed bump, that can go a long way in his road to potential being the leader of a team in the future, whether that's the Saints or anywhere else.

This just goes to show careful you have to be in the world of the NFL. Nothing is guaranteed and you have to be on the top of your game whether it's on or off the field. Fortuantely, Haener will learn and grow from this.

While this will ultimately prove inconsequential in the short-term as it pertains to the on-the-field action for the New Orleans Saints, the news is still something that you hate to see. Oh well, at least we’ll always have the photo shoot.