Saints bringing in veteran quarterback for visit in fantastic move

Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raides
Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raides / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints will be hosting a veteran quarterback to potentially be their next franchise guy. It is an absolutely great move by the Saints.

Nobody really knows what's going on with the future of Aaron Rodgers, including Rodgers. If he were to leave Green Bay, it's already been stated that he wouldn't be traded to another NFC team. As such, Derek Carr becomes the biggest fish in the sea of veteran quarterbacks this offseason available to catch, and the New Orleans Saints are the first to cast their line. We don't know what the future holds, but for now the Saints look to be making good moves.

NFL Network's lan Rapport has reported that Carr has been granted permission to visit the Big Easy, to gage how much of a fit he would be with the Saints. While he isn't a free agent, he is on the trade block, and given that he has a no-trade clause in his contract, he essentially is a free agent for all intents and purposes.

This is a huge move by the Saints, regardless of what happens.

Carr has been linked to NFC South rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers for some time now, and has been the odds-on favorite to land there. This shows that the Saints are here to play ball, and it'll put the pressure on other teams, most likely in the NFC, and keep their stoves hot, which COULD, not saying it will, but could lead to questionable calls/overpayments.

Should Carr end up moving to the bayou, it gives the Saints arguably a top -five quarterback situation in the conference, if not better. The roster is already pretty solid, and they did come close to winning the putrid NFC South and hosting a playoff game. A proven veteran leader like Carr could steer the franchise back in the right direction, after fluttering off-course a bit since the retirement of Drew Brees.

With the combination of Derek Carr and this roster, plus the current states of the NFC South and NFC as a whole, the New Orleans Saints wouldn't need him to be an all-pro to potentially make some sort of run. Crazier things have happened. First though, let's see how the visit goes along with the rest of the offseason, but it's off to a good start.