Saints quarterback room shining in OTAs so far

Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints
Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

There have been some big changes to the quarterback room of the New Orleans Saints. It's early, it looks like the Saints may reap the benefits of the changes.

When you have a franchise that is blessed with a franchise quarterback, no less a Hall of Fame one like the New Orleans Saints were with Drew Brees, it pretty much always comes with a prolonged period of success. When that time comes to a close, often times something of a limbo period is entered into, which the Saints and their fans found out in the couple of seasons since Brees hung up the cleats.

By making the first true splash of the 2023 NFL free agency period, the Saints signed who they hope will pick up the fumbled baton left by Brees in former Raiders signal caller Derek Carr. Carr may not have had the most success whilst donning the silver and black, but it wasn't like he had the cream of the crop to work with either. All parties involved are hoping things are different in the Big Easy.

So far in the thick of OTAs, things are looking up for Carr and the Saints.

Carr has been looking spectacular thus far, albeit with limited resistance and competitiveness. A connection appears to be forming with Carr and young receivers Chris Olave and Rashid Shaheed, which is a welcoming sign considering we never know how much Michael Thomas can contribute.

Carr isn't the only Saints quarterback looking good however.

Jake Haener, the Fresno State quarterback who the Saints drafted in the fourth round in this year's draft, isn't making headlines for looking good on the field (yet), but he is for looking good off of it.

Zoolander has come to the Big Easy.

Back to the football field though, one of the quarterbacks from the Saints aforementioned "limbo" period is James Winston. Famous James was, perhaps surprisingly, brought back to be the backup quarterback. Winston feels he still has a lot to give, but also understands his role with the team, which should be music to the ears of Saints fans.

Winston has also looked very good in OTAs, dropping dimes all over the place, and suddenly everyone is feeling a lot more at ease about this quarterback room, even if it is early.

We still got a long way to go until the 2023 New Orleans Saints play meaningful football. That said, the positive notes flooding in about the passers is far from the worst way to wet the whistle while we pass the time.