Saints need to prioritize this position group during offseason

Ryan Ramczyk, Cesar Ruiz, Erik McCoy, New Orleans Saints
Ryan Ramczyk, Cesar Ruiz, Erik McCoy, New Orleans Saints / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

The NFL offseason may not be officially here yet, but the New Orleans Saints offseason is, and here is where the Saints number one priority should lie.

In football, games are won and lost in the trenches. That honestly cannot be said enough, and the New Orleans Saints should not need any convincing of this after the season they had in 2023. If the Saints want to take a step forward in 2024 and beyond, they have to get better up front, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

While Derek Carr was certainly no stud this past season, he isn't a slouch of a quarterback either. It certainly didn't help that he was banged most of the season from taking hit after hit. The struggles of the offensive line also contributed to the rushing attack of the Saints not quite getting off the ground, so to speak.

The Saints have talent. There is no denying that. The issue is, that talent can't be taken advantage of if the boys up front don't give them time to do their thing. That's why this offseason the Saints need to address the offensive line, and prioritize that above all else.

This is a great draft class for offensive tackle, especially up top, and it isn't like Mickey Loomis and the Saints front office is above moving and shaking to get their guy come draft time. It's unlikely they go quarterback, so this is where they should go come draft time, if not free agency also.

The sky isn't falling for the New Orleans Saints. In fact, it's far from it. With that being said, the Saints need to get strong on the offensive line, so they can hold the line, and hold the sky from coming crashing down, much like the pocket was in 2023.