New Orleans Saints players we already know will be gone in 2023

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The New Orleans Saints have a few key players entering free agency next offseason and it'll be hard to keep those players on the roster.

Whether these particular players are entering the prime of their careers and therefore will be tougher to keep in New Orleans or if they're guys who the team simply is fine moving on from, it's safe to say these players will probably play elsewhere in 2023.

Let's kick the list off with a player who is a starting-caliber guy but has been relegated to more of a backup duty in the Big Easy.

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Bradley Roby

Last offseason, the Saints acquired Roby from the Texans and it was a move that fans were excited about. Roby had been a top cornerback during his time with the Broncos and after Patrick Robinson had called it a career, NOLA needed someone to step up in the secondary.

To the surprise of most people, Paulson Adebo came out hot as a rookie and soon was outplaying Roby. He'll be a free agent this offseason and after having to start while Adebo was out due to injury, Roby had a chance to pad his resumé and teams will be interested in adding him.

Daniel Sorensen

This one is a lot more obvious and won't be as surprising when it does happen. Honestly, I'm surprised that Sorensen even made it onto the roster considering how much of a liability he was to the Chiefs defense last year but fortunately, the BYU product hasn't seen the field on defense. He's predominantly played on special teams and that's for the best.

With how poorly the special teams unit has looked so far this year (and I get that it's not all Sorensen's fault), it's doubtful that Daniel Sorensen will be on the Saints roster in 2023.

Marcus Davenport

It's funny that as soon as Davenport starts to turn the corner and become a wrecking ball on the defensive line is when he's nearing free agency. The Saints took a chance and picked up Davenport's fifth-year option back when he wasn't playing well and it's paid off, as he finally started to look like a first-round pick last year.

Davenport has also played well this season, notching six tackles and half a sack. Spotrac has Davenport's market value set at four years worth $93 million and an annual salary of $23.2 million. That might be too much money for New Orleans to fork out, especially with Payton Turner on the roster and under contract for the next two years at least.

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Do you think these Saints will stick with the team past this season?