Saints offensive coordinator search takes interesting turn

Luke Getsy, Chicago Bears
Luke Getsy, Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The search for the new offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints continues, with an interesting development upon us when it comes to the Saints search.

With Pete Carmichael now out as offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints, and since linking back up with Sean Payton's Denver Broncos, the Saints have been continuing their search to find who will fill his seat in the coaches' room.

Now, we've come to an intriguing chapter in this book of the Saints search.

It was reported on Tuesday by various verified sources that the Saints are scheduled to conduct a second interview with former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy for their vacant offensive coordinator position. The curious part of this whole thing though, is that Getsy's FIRST interview wasn't reported at all. Very interesting...

Reading the tea leaves here, it is entirely possible that the Saints are quite high on Getsy, and didn't want it getting out too publically that they were interested and threw their hat in the ring. Well, it's out now, and after Getsy finishes an interview with the New England Patriots on Tuesday, he'll be Big Easy-bound on Wednesday.

Getsy served as the offensive coordinator of the Bears the last two seasons in 2022 and 2023. Before that, he held almost every possible offensive position coach position with the Green Bay Packers, the Bears biggest rival, dating back to the 2014 season.

So yeah, this story has certainly taken a turn for the juicy, and one that New Orleans Saints fans should have on their radar, especially on Wednesday. The search for the new offensive coordinator has felt long, which is totally fine since they have to get this right. With that being said, we look to potentially be one step closer to finding the next piece in this frustrating puzzle we all love so much.