3 OC candidates Saints should target (and 2 they shouldn't) in 2024

Pete Carmichael needs to go.
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Avoid: Antwaan Randle El, Wide Receivers Coach, Detroit Lions

For a year or so now, some have mentioned Antwaan Randle El in the conversation as a future offensive coordinator. And, while it very well could happen, I would have my reservations.

The Detroit Lions offense has been a majorly-improved unit over the past season and a half. What they have been able to do, as a whole, has been impressive. But, most of the credit goes to Ben Johnson, the Lions' offensive coordinator.

First off, Randle El has no experience developing quarterbacks in the NFL, and that's the no. 1 thing you look for in today's league. If you're going to be an offensive coordinator, you are typically asked to prove you can develop the most important position.

Second, how bad does Jameson Williams' failure to launch look for Randle El at this point? There's still hope that Williams pans out, but as arguably the most talented receiver in his draft class, Williams has yet to be an integral part of that offense. That's a serious red flag.